• S.H.E. By Sherot™ Oracle Card Deck

  • S.H.E. by Sherot™ Oracle Cards is a deck by women for women. It is really for all women who are looking for  guidance as they walk their path into owning their badassery. 

    The deck is designed so that each card’s words and pictures engage the  intuition of whoever’s using them to give them the interpretation of the card they need.  However, it is also an incredible experience and learning tool  to see how others interpret the same deck.

  • Are you ready to have a VIP (Very Important Person) Experience with the S.H.E. by Sherot™Oracle Card Deck?  

    $75 plus tax

    $10 shipping

    *Please note: This deck has some explicit language so if that does not work for you, please do not purchase!

  • The Creatives Behind the Deck

    S.H.E. by Sherot™ was created and inspired by Barbra Portzline's path on her own journey from "she-rot" to "Sheroic." Each phrase was carefully chosen to signify a lesson learned that was transformational in her own life and the lives of her female entrepreneurial clients.

    Julianne Nichols, graphic designer and owner of Wild Rose Creative, used a variety of media and design elements to help bring S.H.E. by Sherot™ Cards to life. She thoughtfully developed, combined and created the perfect artistic combinations for each card. The beauty of her creations is evident in multiple ways, including an original painting she developed for the Cosmic Clarity Card.

    Candice Thomas, of Candice Thomas Intuitive, led Barbra Portzline through the development of the Deck Guidebook using an intuitive writing process and through her connection with Spirit. Oh, and then she turned it into pure magic with her badass writing skills.

    Graphic Artist, Rene Koehler, of Digink Graphics, developed 8 original illustrations for the cards. These illustrations are diverse faces of women, mostly conflicted, as they try to find their voice.

    Liz Benton, co-host of Chug ‘N” Chat, a podcast dedicated to Women issues, provided many brilliant ideas related to the deck. In addition, she makes a lot of magic happened behind the scenes.