Are you looking for answers in all the wrong places?

    Are you ready to step into your genius and own your badassery?

    Are you on a spiritual path but still want to keep it real AF?

    Then, the Own Your Badassery Society™ is perfect for you.

  •  "The Own Your Badassery Society™ is for women who are looking for guidance & support as they own their power and walk their path into becoming their most badass selves."

  • *Increase Confidence

    *Speak Your Truth

    *Connect with Like-Minded Badasses


  • *Sharpen Your Intuitive Skills

    *Receive Tons of Support

    *Laugh and Have Fun

  • The Inspiration Behind The Society

    When I was very young, I remember spending a lot of time by myself. I would play mind games, trying to make stuff happen, pretending I was magic, and wishing I could be someone else.

    As a young adult, I decided to study psychology as a way of understanding why people acted the way they did.

    I remember the first time when I truly found my voice. It wasn't until my late 20's. Before that I spent many years trying to be what others wanted me to be. I was never quite sure who I actually was or how to step into my own path.

    It was a journey from a lot of "mind shit" to a major "mind shift."

    As I got older I realized that there were so many women - amazing, strong, powerful women, who just needed someone to believe in them, to give them permission to be their authentic selves.

    So I created this Society to help women with finding their hope, purpose, love and light.

    It is about embracing the intuitive gifts that we all have and using those to propel personal and professional transformation. I hope you consider joining us and truly owning your BADASS self!

    In light and love,


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    Join The Own Your Badassery Society ™
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